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The production System consists of 5 main parts below:

Screening technologies

Screening Technologies are the lifeline of drug discovery research. An impressive amount of state-of-the art technology, process design and scientific skills flows into the development and implementation of robust and reliable screening tests, covering the whole range from very high throughput, fast turnaround workhorses to refined and delicate custom assays for special needs. At Roche, screening technologies are involved along the entire R&D value chain, for stage-specific evaluation of biological activity, molecular properties and safety.

 Phenotypic Screening


​​​​​​​ Compound Management

​​​​​​​ HTS

​​​​​​​ Stem Cells

Informatics-based Technologies

Research Informatics contributes drug discovery projects from target assessment to lead optimization by supporting analysis of large volumes of diverse data, including but not limited to molecular properties, biological activities, genetic information, biomarkers and scientific literature. It establishes predictive tools to allow time and resource-efficient decision processes. It invests in developing new platforms for data analysis and visualization which allow for more effective interpretation and sharing of scientific results, turning information into knowledge.

Big Data
Genetics and Genomics
In Silico PK/PD Modeling
Scientific Information Management

In-process Quality Control

Our factory has a complete Q.A. & Q.C.system. We own authorized sets of analyzing instruments with high efficiency and high sensitivity, such as HPLC, GC and UV spectrophotometer to analyze and control the products.
Everyone at Super Steroids strives to meet or exceed the expectations of customers, and aims to constantly improve both quality and service of our product, to achieve much higher level on different aspects of company in the long run.

We also have framed a well defined quality management system under the supervision of quality inspectors.

Quality Training
Incoming Quality Control
In-process Quality Control
Reliability Testing
Outgoing Quality Control

Analytics Technologies

Analytics comprises a number of technologies that are deployed to characterize research compounds, active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as drug products. Many state-of-the art technologies are involved in the analytical characterization of new substances, certifying their identity and purity. Analytic technologies are also necessary to make sure that clinical supplies have the right quality and to monitor and interpret stability studies. Bio-analytics is a special branch of analytics that specializes on the detection of minute quantities of substances in body fluids or other biological media.

Chemical Synthesis

Chemical Synthesis designs reliable and up-scalable syntheses for small molecules of interest, transforming research projects into robust manufacturing processes. The chemists working in chemical synthesis deliver timely supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients for pre-clinical pharmacology and safety as well as for clinical studies. This requires a profound understanding of chemical reactions and synthetic strategy as well as knowledge of material supply and high standards in terms of quality and process safety. The synthetic route may be revised multiple times on the way from a research lab to a pharmaceutical product.

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