Why is micro moulding ideal for medical products/parts?
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Why is micro moulding ideal for medical products/parts?

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The manufacture of medical products encompasses a wide range of devices used in medical practice, ranging from surgical tools to testing equipment to pharmaceutical storage containers. As a result, the medical tools utilised must be tiny and refined. Thus, micro moulding is widely used in the manufacture of medical equipment like catheters, optical and hearing aid components, drug delivery devices, and so on, and is especially useful for instruments used in minimally invasive procedures. Listed below are reasons for micro-moulding to be well-suited to medical device manufacturing. Cost optimisation: Medical plastic micro-molding helps cut unnecessary costs. Although the moulding tool has a high initial cost against other production techniques, the mould only needs to be manufactured once. It gets replaced after hundreds of thousands of runs, and this will be easier and less expensive to replicate. Precision: Undoubtedly, the domain of medicine as a whole necessitates tremendous precision in most of the procedures, with no room for errors or deviations. Micro moulding has a high level of accuracy and precision. Because of the narrow tolerance margin, every inch, millimetre, or centimetre count impacts the overall moulding development. Sterilisation: The materials used in this manufacturing method are resistant to contaminant invasion. They also do not require much sanitation to remain germ-free. The medical devices using this technology are biocompatible, non-contaminated, and easy to use and apply. Durability: Plastic micro-moulded medical parts are extremely robust and can withstand the high temperatures required for sterilisation in autoclaves. These materials are tough and resistant to harsh environments and usage. The products manufactured can tolerate heat, force, and vibration without cracking or breaking, making them suitable for medical purposes.

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